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New Eyeglasses approved for astronauts in space

"SuperFocus, a winner of the Wall Street Journal's Tech Innovation Awards, has created adjustable focus glasses that are the first to be approved by NASA in for astronauts in space. WSJ's Stacey Delo reports."





Superfocus wins Silver Award, Wall Street Journal 2010 Tech Innovation Awards

Superfocus glasses were named the overall Silver Award Winner out of nearly 600 contestants, as well as the Winner of the Medical Devices Category, besting entries from MIT and Abbott Laboratories.

Note: When the awards were announced, Superfocus was named "TruFocals." Press coverage of the awards refers to Superfocus glasses as TruFocals. Read more about our name change.



WGN Radio Chicago: The Greg Jarrett show

"No more bifocals! Greg Jarrett talks to Stephen Kurtin, the inventor of unique, new eyeglasses."

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KGO-TV San Francisco: Adjustable glasses let you focus on the fly
Carolyn Johnson

"A new type of adjustable glasses is promising to give patients the power to focus at almost any distance."

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Popular Science Gift Guide
Fox News, NY

Lauren Aaronson, senior associate editor of Popular Science, gives Brett Larson the run down of some of 2009's coolest gadgets and products.



Focusing on the Future

"Kurt the CyberGuy" reports on KTLA
"Fifteen years of research from one of America's top inventors has finally led to a major break-through in optometry. Get ready to throw out your old pair of reading glasses as Kurt the CyberGuy tests the new product being hailed as the fountain of youth for your eyes."

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Hip lenses for new outlook on life
Rob Muir reports

"A California inventor is marketing what he calls a breakthrough design in glasses for those in the over-40 crowd who are forced to wear bi-focals or progressive lenses."

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