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Learn what our customers are saying about Superfocus!

When people try Superfocus, their reactions are overwhelmingly positive.
Some of the reasons—

  • Their vision is sharp and clear at any distance
  • Their entire field of vision is in focus, left to right and top to bottom
  • They can instantly focus to the precise distance that is optimal for whatever they happen to be doing.
  • They need only one pair of glasses for everything instead of having to carry multiple pairs
  • They can compensate for low light conditions
  • They don’t have to adjust their head to see different distances

With reasons like these, it’s no wonder Superfocus glasses have shown such strong appeal to users.

See what Superfocus wearers have to say.
We've changed our name! On Oct 25th 2010, TruFocals became Superfocus. Our award-winning styles and top-notch customer service haven't changed, but testimonials written before 10/25 may refer to TruFocals instead of Superfocus

“If you are considering these eyeglasses, you must wonder whether they actually work. The answer is an emphatic Yes. Superfocus glasses change a hundred daily irritations to a hundred daily pleasures. I can see again! Imagine how happy that makes me. And how happy it will make you.”- RC

"With only safety glasses, I can normally see the front sight post clearly, but the bullseye at 50 yards is blurred. With my distance prescription glasses, the situation is reversed. Using Superfocus, however, I could see both the front sight post and the target well enough to get an accurate iron sight picture. And, unlike my every-day glasses, I was still looking through the Superfocus lenses while in the prone position, rather than over the top.”- CL

“I work in the entertainment industry. My profession is Illustration, and visual effects. I'm currently a CG supervisor on "Battlestar Galactica". I have an Academy Award, two Emmys, a BAFTA and a Saturn. My eyes are my business. Thank you for giving them back to me.”- DD

“I've been wearing my Superfocus for several months now, and they are everything I had hoped for. I admit that I wasn't 100% sure about them when I ordered them. They seemed too good to be true. I can honestly say that Superfocus have improved the quality of my life.”- DD

“I am just coming to you just to give you my impression about Superfocus. I flew yesterday for more than 5 hours flight and 2 different aircraft and I found Superfocus at all conditions excellent.”- NM

“This technology is wonderful, and has changed my life for the better. The glasses allow the entire visual plane onto which I am looking to be in focus without having to crane my neck and without restricting my view to one tiny area of the lens”- TS

“Today I wore Superfocus on the golf course. For the first time, with a quick adjustment, I could see the area between my ball and the cup in perfect focus when putting. This has always been a mid-range area that I had just accepted as a bit fuzzy.”- DH

“The focus mechanism works exactly as advertised. It is grin-inducing to flip the little lever and have everything come into sharp focus. These things are amazing!”- TF

“It is astonishing how well they operate. Very quickly I was able to adjust the add "on the fly" for perfect clarity at any distance.”- GM

“I have diabetes and have a problem with changing vision based on what my blood sugar is currently doing; now I can smoothly correct Superfocus lenses to my current and ever-changing sight.”- SM

“I've had my Superfocus glasses for about a month now and I really love them. In my job I must be able to quickly change from close-up to distance work and these glasses give me back that ability.”- KJ

“I also learned that the annoying pain in my neck was not just a sign of aging.  It was due to all the neck craning I was doing to work on my computer while wearing progressive lenses.  No more neck pain is a most satisfying benefit.”- JK

“The problem they do solve brilliantly is where bifocals, computer glasses and progressives have all failed for me: going back and forth between computer screen, laptop computer display and books, magazines and newspapers.”- JM

“The glasses are fantastic! I used them while driving, working on my computer, reading small print and watching TV. The ability to adjust the focus is just incredible and is a great improvement over the progressive glasses that I wear.”- BD

“They really make a huge difference in how vision ‘feels’.  It is so far superior to my progressives, the vision is far superior and the calm feeling in the brain is remarkable.”- MS

“Overall I think they are a really wonderful product. I have worn them everyday for over a month now...there are many instances where it is appropriate to adjust the focus for 5 feet, 10 feet...or even 20 feet. My mindset had been on reading distance and far distance... I had not realized what a difference it would make at these intermediate ranges.”- DC

“Golf and tennis have always been a problem… Superfocus worked perfectly and my head/eyes were tracking the Tennis ball like I was 18 years old again! In combat shooting, my prescription would cause the target to be in focus but the front sight to be fuzzy...Superfocus again worked perfectly!”- DA

“Until I started wearing Superfocus glasses, I thought that I was satisfied with bifocals. But it turns out that there are a great many awkward seeing situations that I was simply living with that are no longer awkward.”- SE

“With Superfocus I enjoy reading again! I have worn contacts fulltime ever since my 20’s, the last 15 years as monovision. Since I discovered Superfocus, I can read again at length without eyestrain.”- AMK

“Superfocus is a miracle. I love having my arms short again without straining my eyes… It’s like a volume control for my glasses… wherever I look it’s perfectly clear. Thank you, thank you.”- PJS

“Tilting my head to view my computer screen with my progessives was a literal pain in the neck. Now I just “tune” my Superfocus glasses for the screen and I can write for hours. What a pleasure!”- DS

“I use Superfocus because I can't tolerate progressive lenses--they make me dizzy--and monovision using a single contact lens doesn't give me the crisp, clear vision and depth perception I have been trying to recapture since I reached middle age..”- DR

“As do most diabetics, there can be small changes in vision that one gets used to as that’s the way the world just is. Not any longer, the Superfocus glasses, at least for me have enough variable abilities to deal with this problem.”- TB

“I like the adjustment feature…I learned from using Superfocus glasses that my Lasik correction has substantial deficiencies. Because they are adjustable I am able to find a correction that enables me to work on the computer for much longer without my eyes becoming tired.”- FW

"I’ve tried all types of glasses. Superfocus is better. Enjoying a day without these glasses has become inconceivable."- SK

“Superfocus provides a much larger in focus lens area than other correction modalities, thereby allowing natural eye movement instead of aiming the eye utilizing cramping head and neck motion.”- DF

“The utility of the changeable focus is even better then I expected. With progressive lenses, even labels on store aisles or signs 7-10 feet away can be hard to read. With the Zoomies, as I now call them, this problem simply does not exist. The change is fantastic.”- TB