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Superfocus Wins International Forum Design Award

Chosen From Over 2,750 Products Worldwide in Prestigious Design Competition

LOS ANGELES, Calif.——January 11, 2011Superfocus LLC announced today that its Superfocus glasses were awarded the coveted 2011 iF International Forum Design Award in the medical device category. Superfocus glasses are the world’s first adjustable focus eyeglasses to provide perfect focus at all distances, through the entire field of view. Companies from 43 countries submitted 2,756 entries for the design award, which has been recognized as a mark of outstanding design since 1953.

The iF award is the latest among numerous awards Superfocus has garnered, including the prestigious Wall Street Journal 2010 Innovations Award (Overall Silver Award and Medical Devices Category Winner) and Popular Science 2009 Best of What’s New Award.

Superfocus’ exceptional design is driven by its unique function: instantly providing crystal clear focus at any distance across a user’s full visual field – just like the youthful human eye. The technology is uniquely beneficial to those with presbyopia, a universal condition of aging in which the eye's crystalline lens becomes increasingly inflexible, making it difficult to focus on near objects.

Superfocus eyeglasses were created per the Bauhaus mantra: ‘form follows function,’” said Dr. Stephen Kurtin, chief technologist at Superfocus LLC. “The Superfocus team is pleased that the iF Design Award Jury recognized our dynamic union of form and function. Presbyopes who embrace Superfocus will not only uniquely regain the visual versatility of youth, but also will be wearing an internationally acclaimed design.”

The evaluation criteria used by the 26 member jury (primarily Europeans) include quality and universality of design, finish, functionality, ergonomics, choice of materials, brand value and degree of innovation. Becoming first in its category speaks to the quality of the work done for Superfocus by M-Design of Burbank.

Superfocus glasses are comprised of two principle components: the interchangeable front prescription lenses and the ‘superframe’.

The front lenses are custom-made from the highest quality materials to correct the user’s distance vision needs. These prescription lenses latch onto the frame and are held firmly in place by a patented system of tiny magnets.

The superframe contains the glasses’ focusing mechanism and the focusing lenses. Each focusing “lens” is actually a set of two lenses, one firm and one flexible. The flexible lens (closest to the eye) has a transparent distensible membrane attached to a clear rigid surface. The space between the membrane and rigid surface holds a small quantity of clear optical fluid. As a user moves a slider on the bridge of the nose, the fluid is pushed forward to alter the shape of the membrane, thereby altering the shape of the flexible lens as well. Changing the shape changes its focus, mimicking the performance of the natural lens in the youthful human eye.

The Superframe is constructed of rugged, laser-welded stainless steel and is available in two styles inspired by masters of contemporary design and architecture: Walter Gropius and Le Corbusier.

The Bauhaus frame was inspired by the iconic Weimar movement of design master Walter Gropius in the 1920s, which had a profound worldwide influence in art, architecture, graphic design, and product design. The Bauhaus style features circular satin-finish stainless steel rims with high-riding colored temples.The result is a sleek, utilitarian look.

The Corbu frame was named after Le Corbusier, one of the great pioneers of modern architecture, whose signature look was his round, dark-rimmed glasses with temples centered on the circular rims. The stainless steel Corbu frames have a premium titanium aluminum carbo-nitride Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating often used to protect and harden the surfaces of metal cutting tools and now offered on premium watches.

About the iF International Forum Design Award

Since their introduction in 1953, the iF International Forum Design Awards have been a reliable indicator of outstanding quality in design. Covering all areas of product design, the award attracts thousands of worldwide product entries which are judged by an international expert jury commissioned by iF. iF is known worldwide as a reputable design brand and has offices in Taipei/Taiwan, Munich/Germany, Seoul/Korea and Curitiba – Paraná/Brasil.

About Superfocus

Superfocus glasses are the world’s first and only eyeglasses offering on-demand, user-adjustable, infinitely variable focus through the entire field of view. Superfocus, previously known as TruFocals, are available through eye care professionals or The Superfocus technology has been awarded several prestigious industry awards, including the Wall Street Journal 2010 Innovations Silver Award and Popular Science 2009 Best of What’s New Award. Superfocus glasses are scratch-resistant and antireflective, contain anti-smudge coatings and protect your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Superfocus products are covered by one or more of the following US patents: 5,138,494;5,668,620; 5,956,183; 6,040,947;6,053,610; and 7,008,054.