TruFocals - keep your world in focus

Superfocus on the Job

Superfocus can help you work more easily…and better. Just a few examples—
  • Computer users – Even working long periods at the computer is comfortable and without strain. And shifting attention from the screen to across the room and beyond takes just a quick Superfocus adjustment.
  • Pilots – In a busy cockpit, Superfocus glasses allow the pilot to instantly change focus from charts to instruments to the outside world.
  • Musicians – Being able to clearly see the sheet music and the piano keyboard or neck of the violin can make the experience a lot easier… and more enjoyable.

 What’s more, these revolutionary eyeglasses are usually covered by vision insurance plans and are eligible for payment from Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA).

Another Superfocus plus

Depending on individual vision and light conditions, Superfocus wearers are often able to keep groups of objects at various distances in focus.

  • For example, computer users may be able to set their Superfocus glasses so that the screen, the keyboard and reading material are all within focus.
  • A pilot will typically be able to adjust Superfocus glasses so that the instrument panel is legible, yet the approaching runway is also clearly visible.
  • While driving, Superfocus users find that they can easily adjust the slider to a comfortable distance setting that allows the instruments and distant road signs to be surprisingly clear.

Whether it’s for work or play, Superfocus’ patented technology lets you enjoy clear, undistorted vision for anything from threading a needle to lining up a putt and following the ball right into the cup.

Superfocus’ versatility

You can also enjoy Superfocus’ visual advantages with optional presciption sunglass front lenses and/or Transitions® photochromic lenses that darken with exposure to UV light.
All Superfocus prescription front lenses are custom made to your exact prescription.
With both the Icon Collection and the Leonardo Collection, your focus module can be used with two or more different sets of prescription front lenses.
With this flexibility, one single pair of Superfocus glasses takes the place of multiple gasses and can serve you in any situation.