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Icon Collection Frames

The original award-winning Superfocus frames

Rugged stainless steel "Superframe" with the adjustable focusing lenses built into the frame.

Prescription front lenses snap onto the Superframe, held firmly in place by tiny magnets.

You can change front lenses by detaching one pair and snapping on another.

Focus controlled via a tiny slider on top of the bridge.

Icon frames are available in two styles

Both were designed for Superfocus by the internationally-known design firm, M-Design.

Both have rapidly become design icons.

Build your own pair with our online tool today!

Bauhaus: The original unique, award-winning Superfocus style

Bauhaus Charcoal

Named Bauhaus in appreciation of the iconic movement created by design master Walter Gropius in Weimar in the 1920s.

The Bauhaus has been a profound worldwide influence in art, architecture, graphic design, and last but not least, product design.

We believe that Dr. Gropius would have approved of the sleek, utilitarian look of these Superfocus glasses.

Suitable for all sizes and shapes of heads and faces, including large heads.

Available in:
  • Satin-finish stainless steel. Bauhaus Stainless Steel
  • Charcoal super-premium titanium aluminum carbo-nitride PVD coating with color-matched high tech translucent temples.

Corbu - Classically handsome frames, suitable for both men and women

We proudly call this style Corbu. Named after Le Corbusier, one of the great pioneers of modern architecture, whose signature look was his famous, round, dark-rimmed glasses, with the temples centered on the circular rims. Look familiar?

Super-premium titanium aluminum carbo-nitride PDV coating with color-matched high tech translucent temples.
Snugger fit than Bauhaus. Less suitable than Bauhaus for people with particularly wide heads. Corbu Charcoal

Available in: Charcoal

What is titanium aluminum carbo-nitride PVD?

PVD stands for Physical Vapor Deposition. PVD is a process that molecularly bonds a tough, high performance metallic compound onto a metal substrate.

As a result of ever-growing emphasis on industrial performance, PVD coatings are becoming widely used to protect and harden the surfaces of metal cutting tools. But they are also being offered, for example, on high-end watches.

The most popular PVD finish for exclusive watches is titanium carbide. PVD-finished Superfocus Icon glasses are finished with titanium aluminum carbo-nitride, an even more advanced state-of-the-art PVD finish.