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Superfocus Glasses

As we age, our eyes lose the ability to focus over the full range of distances from near to far.

So, why can't we have eyeglasses that can focus the way our eyes used to do when we were younger?

People have been trying to do just this for over 150 years. But, nothing worked -- until now.

Eyeglasses that mimic the way the eye focuses must:

  • Provide perfect clarity through the entire field of view.
  • Allow immediate, crisp focus at all distances
  • Be intuitive to use
  • Be lightweight and robust enough to use all day, every day.

It took new concepts, new technology, cutting-edge materials/manufacturing and 20 years of refinement and development to finally achieve all of this.

Now, with our revolutionary, award-winning glasses, you too can see the world like you used to -- in Superfocus.


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  • NASA astronauts wear Superfocus glasses on the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station!

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