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On October 25th, 2010, TruFocals became Superfocus. Same revolutionary product, same company management. News reports published prior to this date refer to our glasses as "TruFocals."

Making Eyeglasses That Let Wearers Change Focus on the Fly

"The glasses have a tiny adjustable slider on the bridge of the frame that makes it possible to focus alternately on the page of a book, a computer screen or a mountain range in the distance."

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A Different Kind of Eyeglasses: Silver Award, 2010 Technology Innovation Awards

"...what if there were another alternative that didn't require people to carry an extra set of glasses or have only part of their field of vision in focus at any one time?."

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Better Space Vision: "Older" Astronauts Test Superfocus Glasses

"The stellar view from the International Space Station may be a little sharper for some astronauts now."

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TruFocals wins Popular Science 2009 Best of What's New Award

Popular Science Magazine has named TruFocals, the market’s first adjustable focus eye glasses, a winner of its coveted 2009 Best of What’s New Award in the Health category.

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Space Spectacles: NASA Evaluates Adjustable Astronaut Eyewear

"Earth orbit is no place for fumbling with reading glasses or getting headaches from bifocals."

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Hocus Focus: Superfocus Glasses are OpthalMagic for Muggles

"If you are a long-time Wired subscriber, this is going to be hard for you to read — literally. "

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WSJ: Digits
Stacy Delo

"When NASA’s Shuttle Discovery blasts off into space this week, two of its six astronauts will be sporting new spectacles."

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TierneyLab: New See-All Eyeglasses: A Consumer's Report
John Markoff

"I have now been using the Trufocals for a week, and I'm a convert, although I have to confess I'm not using them as my only pair of glasses -- yet."

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Review: Superfocus, One Pair of Glasses for All Prescriptions

"Imagine one pair of glasses that enabled you to eliminate every other pair of glasses you own!"

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ZDnet: Superfocus: the Ultimate Eyeglasses
Jason Perlow

"Designed by a brilliant physicist and computer industry pioneer, the Superfocus eyeglasses will enhance many lives, including my own."

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A Bridge for the Bifocal Set

"For people who just can't adjust to wearing regular bifocals or progressive lenses, help is here."

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BoingBoing: TruFocals eyeglasses
Mark Frauenfelder

"As people get older, their eyesight starts to decline, and I'm no exception. I was considering bifocals or progressive lenses until..."

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More Magazine: Best Buys for Better Vision
Beth Levine

"New farsighted solutions to those squinty little problems"

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Discover Magazine: For the Aging, Four-Eyed Astronaut: Fancy Space Bifocals

"When NASA relaxed its vision standards...they in turn created a new requirement–for near-perfect astronaut eyeglasses."

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Adjustable glasses eyed for astronauts
Irene Klotz
"For astronauts with deteriorating eyesight, glasses that adjust with the flick of a finger may offer a solution."

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TruFocals: New glasses for the fidgety
Elizabeth Armstrong Moore
CNet Health Tech section

"Twenty years in the making, physicist and inventor Stephen Kurtin's adjustable focus eyeglasses -- with the cute, Web 2.0-ey name TruFocals-- are finally here."

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Adjustable glasses eyed for astronauts

"Technology designed to replicate the way the human eye works...Deteriorating eyesight is nothing new for the over-40 crowd, but the fix for astronauts isn't so simple."

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NASA Testing Liquid-Lens Adjustable-Strength Glasses For Use In Space

"Eyewear with adjustable strength lenses isn't new...but NASA is taking it to new heights, evaluating Zoom Focus Eyewear's strength-shifting TruFocals for use on the International Space Station and other missions."

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Caltech grad may have invented eyeglasses of the future
Nathan McIntire

"After obtaining more than 30 patents for multiple inventions, Caltech graduate Dr. Stephen Kurtin years ago decided to turn his visionary inclinations towards his own vision, or lack thereof."

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Rainy Day SOHO: TruFocals FirstLook

"Reading glasses of different prescriptions started multiplying around the office like bunnies....Actually, there is another solution..."

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Adweek: Lois brings specs into Superfocus
Barbara Lippert

"Our ad critic sees much to like in 'Mad Man' George Lois' work for a new glasses brand"

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