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Loss Protection

Loss and Damage Protection

Your Superfocus glasses have a unique identification number engraved on the metal bridge and a toll-free 800 number inscribed on the temples. If you were to misplace your glasses and someone finds them, they can call that 800 number and we will make arrangements for your glasses to be returned to you.

For a modest optional fee, you can also enroll in our Loss and Damage Protection program; if your Superfocus glasses are permanently lost or damaged, we will replace them for half the original purchase price.

You can purchase Loss and Damage Protection when you buy your Superfocus glasses, and renew it annually.

Obtaining your replacement Superfocus glasses

  1. When purchasing loss protection, you will receive a certificate together with your Superfocus glasses.
  2. If you have lost your Superfocus glasses, fax this certificate to Superfocus at 1-818 785 7774 or phone Customer Care at 1-800 900 3700 with the loss and damage protection certificate number (Please be sure we have your current address).
  3. A replacement pair of Superfocus glasses will be shipped to you within two weeks after you notify us.
  4. Your credit card will be charged for half your original purchase price on the date your replacement pair is shipped. We will send you email confirmation that your Superfocus glasses have been shipped and charged to your card.