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New! Leonardo Collection

Next-generation Superfocus glasses have arrived!

The Leonardo Collection features custom-crafted Italian acetate frames in attractive light or dark tortoise. Their conventional styling is ideal for all-day wear. Leonardo is also distinguished by a new, easy-to-use wheel (located on the bridge). This wheel enables perfect focus, at any distance, to be dialed-in effortlessly.

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Innovative Wheel to Adjust Focus

Leonardo Collection glasses incorporate an entirely new focusing mechanism. A small wheel on the bridge of the glasses is rotated with one finger, allowing easy and precise focusing at any distance, through the entire lens.

Variety of Frame Colors and Lens Tints

The Leonardo Collection's light tortoise and dark tortoise frames may be ordered with clear, tinted, or Transitions® prescription front lenses to fit your fashion preference and lifestyle.

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"I’ve tried all types of glasses. Superfocus is better. Enjoying a day without these glasses has become inconceivable."- SK

"Adjustment is fantastic." - SG

"The revolutionary rotary [wheel] is far superior." - JF

"I like the newer knob. Easier to use. More precise." - MF

"Much smoother." - BM

"I love it." - SG