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Using Superfocus

1. How do they work?

You simply move the wheel or slider on the bridge of the Superfocus glasses to select the exact correction that works best for you at any distance and under any lighting conditions. The result: clear, undistorted vision over the full field of view: no zones, no lines.

Superfocus glasses allow you to focus the entire lens to any distance near to far. They are the first and only dynamically-focusing glasses in the world. Check out the details in How Superfocus Works

2. How long will it take to learn how to use Superfocus?

Most users master focusing within minutes. You will be surprised at how easy and natural and intuitive it is. Over the first couple of weeks, focusing will become increasingly automatic. More and more, you will just do it unconsciously without thinking about it.

3. How often do I need to change focus?

In the beginning, you will probably re-focus frequently, in part because the result is so amazing! But, as you get more experience, you will find yourself re-focusing less often.

The first thing you will learn is that you don’t always really need to refocus. If you hear someone passing by your office, you can glance up from your computer and see that it is Joe without having to refocus your Superfocus glasses. But, if Joe is walking into your office carrying something you really want to see, you will refocus without even thinking about it.

The second thing you will come to learn is that one of the key things about Superfocus is the ability to focus to ANY distance. Over time, you will start taking advantage of this by focusing your Superfocus glasses so that everything you need to see for a given task is adequately sharp, without the need to re-focus.

If, for example, you are sitting around a dinner table or conference table, you will quickly learn to pick a focus distance that allows you to see everyone around the table satisfactorily without the need to re-focus.

Many Superfocus users find when they are driving that if they back off from the maximum distance setting just a little, the instruments of the car jump into readability, while objects in the distance are still surprisingly clear.

The key is the unique ability to pick the EXACT focus that works best for each situation.

4. Isn't it a nuisance to have to focus your glasses?

No, it's not…in part because our bodies are already equipped with the world’s best autofocus mechanism.

As young people, when we want to focus on something, our brain instructs the muscles in our eyes to adjust focus. When the object we are looking at is in perfect focus, the brain tells the muscles: “That’s it. Stop there!” Unfortunately, as a natural consequence of aging, the focusing ability of the eye loses its effectiveness.

It turns out, however, that exactly the same feedback mechanism continues to work when you use your finger to move the slider or wheel to focus your Superfocus glasses. For this reason most people very quickly find that focusing becomes automatic.

5. Why not build in an autofocus mechanism?

In our modern, high-tech world, we are accustomed to thinking that the high-tech solution to any problem is always best.

But, sometimes simpler is better.

Superfocus already make use of the best autofocus circuitry in the world: the one built into our own bodies. Therefore, focusing soon becomes so automatic that you don’t even think about it.

In any case, you don’t refocus Superfocus all the time – only when you need to. Many times, you will find yourself focusing them to an intermediate position that adequately covers the exact range of distance you have to see for a given task.

A good autofocus system for glasses would almost have to read your mind to know when to focus, what to focus on, and what compromises to make to cover a range of distances. If it gets any of this wrong, even 10% of the time, the consequences are going to drive you crazy.

A good autofocus system for glasses should also be far smaller and lighter than any technology that currently exists, and ideally would not require a battery in your glasses.

Wait, here’s a better idea: use the amazing autofocus circuits already built into your body, and use your finger to activate the focus.

Sometimes simpler is a lot better.

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Can Superfocus help me...

6. I have astigmatism. Can Superfocus help me?

Yes. Superfocus can correct most vision conditions, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and even prismatic imbalance. Whatever conventional glasses can correct, Superfocus can correct…with the additional advantage of allowing you to adjust focus dynamically to give you perfect clarity for every distance from close-up to distant and anywhere in between.

7. I’m a computer user. I hate having to move my head to be able to focus on different parts of the screen

Superfocus glasses focus the entire lens to exactly the distance you choose. It is like having a dedicated pair of glasses for every possible specific distance. You see the entire screen in tack sharp, distortion-free focus.
Since you can set the exact focus you want, most people find that they can set a focus that allows them to read both computer screen and papers on their desk.

8. Can I get Superfocus with tinted lenses?

All Superfocus glasses inherently block harmful ultra-violet rays (both UVA and UVB).
With Superfocus Icon glasses, you can also order tinted interchangeable front lenses. Swap your lenses to change from regular glasses to sunglasses.
With Superfocus Leonardo glasses, you can order additional frames with tinted prescription lenses. Swap the Focus Module between frames to change from regular glasses to sunglasses with a different frame "look".

9. Can I use Superfocus when I play golf?

Yes. Superfocus will keep your vision sharp from scorecard to green. Superfocus is excellent for sports where razor sharp near, intermediate and far vision can help your game.

10. At night, will traffic look as sharp as when I wear conventional glasses?

Yes. And, unlike conventional zonal multifocals, such as bifocals or "no line" progressives, all cars – near and far and to the side – are in razor sharp focus.

11. My eye doctor told me I have macular degeneration. Are Superfocus glasses for me?

Superfocus glasses do not improve the magnification of objects at a distance and are not intended to cure, treat, or provide any additional benefits to people suffering from the effects of macular degeneration.

12. My eye doctor recommended cataract surgery. Should I still consider Superfocus?

Superfocus glasses are not recommended as a substitute for cataract surgery, but could be a perfect solution for your vision needs after cataract surgery.

13. What should I do if I am having issues seeing items clearly at a distance using my current prescription?

Superfocus glasses do not improve the magnification of objects at a distance. If your vision is poor when using your current prescription, please follow up with your doctor.

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Purchasing Superfocus

14. How much do Superfocus glasses cost?

A pair of Superfocus glasses customized to your prescription starts at $525. Your order will include everything you need to experience comfortable vision at any distance:

  • Prescription front lenses custom-manufactured for you
  • Expert fitting by an optician in your neighborhood
  • Scratch resistant coating
  • UVA and UVB protection
  • Durable frame
  • Slim profile storage case
  • Micro-fiber cleaning cloth
  • One year warranty


15. Do I need a special prescription for Superfocus?

Not at all. To make your custom pair of Superfocus glasses, all we need is your regular prescription. Superfocus can correct refractive errors ranging from:

  • Sphere: -12.00 to +6.00 diopter (in increments of 0.25D)
  • Cylinder: 0.00 to -3.00 diopter (in increments of 0.25D)
  • Prism: 0.0 to 4.0 prism (in increments of 0.5Δ)
  • Reading ADD: 0.0 to +2.75 diopter (adjustable by wearer)
  • Pupillary Distance (PD): 56 to 73
Please note: the range listed above includes Standard and Extended Range. Extended Range prescriptions can be accommodated with a modest up-charge. Please contact Superfocus Customer Care for assistance at 800.900.3700 ext. 1, or email us at


16. I have a different prescription for each eye; can Superfocus correct for this?

It is common to have different refractive errors in each eye. Superfocus glasses are customized to your unique vision requirements and can accurately correct each of your eyes' refractive error. The result: superb quality vision.

17. Why do you recommend prescriptions be no more than one year old?

Eyeglass prescriptions are usually valid for two years. We want you to have the best possible experience with your new Superfocus glasses. If your prescription is more than one year old, we recommend that you update it so you can enjoy all the benefits for the full life of your prescription.

18. What happens when my prescription changes?

As you age, your presbyopia will continue to get worse. Every few years (until about age 65) you will need a stronger and stronger prescription just to keep up. So, you have to replace expensive multi-focus prescription lenses -- and/or multiple glasses -- every few years.
But, Superfocus glasses’ adjustable focus covers the full range of focus assistance you will ever need. You simply move the wheel or slider until everything is sharp. You never have to worry about changes in focus that happen over time -- or even from time-to-time over the course of a day.
Of course, your eyes can also change in other ways over the years. The distance prescription that was just right for you a few years ago may no longer be optimal. Superfocus glasses’ adjustable focus capability typically accommodates small changes of this sort. But, if the change is dramatic, you should replace your front (prescription) lenses.
With the Superfocus Icon glasses you can simply order new replacement front prescription lenses that snap onto your existing frames.
With the Superfocus Leonardo frames, you can have our lab replace the simple front distance prescription lens in your existing Superfocus frame, or you can purchase a new frame/front lens combination. Either way, you do not have to replace the heart of your Superfocus glasses: the focusing mechanism and adjustable focusing lenses.

19. Can I buy Superfocus from my regular eye care professional?

Yes. But, because Superfocus is a new technology, your eye care professional may not yet have heard of them. Send, fax, or email us your prescription and we will alert your eye care professional that you want to purchase Superfocus from him/her.

20. Is an eye examination for Superfocus more complicated than for regular glasses?

Not at all. In fact, eye care professionals report that an examination for Superfocus is less complicated. Because you will be able to control your Superfocus glasses’ focus for any activity, on the fly, there is no need for determining the focal length(s) most suitable for your occupational or leisure activities.

21. Are Superfocus glasses covered by insurance?

Superfocus glasses are prescription eyewear. They are usually covered by vision insurance plans. Check your policy for details. Superfocus are also eligible for payment from Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA).

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Enjoying Superfocus

22 Do they require any special care?

No. Of course, as with all glasses, it’s a good idea to clean them regularly with a soft cloth and rinse with tap water to flush away any grit (which can, if rubbed into optical surface, cause scratches). Do not clean ultrasonically, as ultrasonic cleaning will cause permanent damage. 

Superfocus glasses are rugged and durable. And they are warranted against material and manufacturing defects for one full year. Most moving parts are made from stainless steel alloy or TISMO high performance polymer that stand up to the wear and tear of daily fulltime use.

23. How resistant are Superfocus glasses to frost and high temperatures?

The optical fluid used in Superfocus is of high molecular weight and therefore won't freeze until very low temperatures, nor boil until very high temperatures are reached. Superfocus glasses have been tested in freezers and ovens -- and in Phoenix, AZ during the summer, and on Rocky Mountain slopes while skiing -- without ill effects. The operating range (where adjusting focus is quick, complete, and with excellent clarity) is from +25F to +125F, while the safe storage range is from -40F to +180F.

They have even been tested, approved and adopted by NASA for use in space flight.
Of course, like ordinary eyeglasses, when moving quickly from warm interiors to cold outdoors, or vice versa, Superfocus glasses can fog up temporarily.

24. How can I be sure Superfocus glasses will fit me well?

Unlike most conventional frames, Superfocus glasses are custom manufactured in bridge widths that correspond to the pupil distance (PD) shown on your prescription. They also have adjustable nose pads and arms that can accommodate nearly any face. This ensures a comfortable, secure, customized fit for virtually everyone.
Like any quality pair of prescription glasses, Superfocus must be adjusted to fit your face by an experienced eye care professional.
Proper fit is essential for both comfort and best-quality vision. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.
If you purchase your Superfocus through an eye care professional, he/she can adjust your glasses for you.
If you purchase them directly from Superfocus, you will receive a certificate. Take this with you when you go to your eye care professional to have the glasses fitted. Superfocus will reimburse him/her for the fitting.
Fitting glasses is an art and usually involves trial and error. It often takes more than one visit to get it right. This is perfectly normal. Only you can determine when the fit is really right. Don't be shy about returning for "tweaks" to get the fit that really works for you.

25 Is there more than one style available?

The optical technology behind Superfocus requires that -- like any other focusing lens such as a camera or your eye -- a Superfocus lens must be round. Starting from this requirement, we hired some of the world's premier design firms to create stylish, attractive designs for our glasses, suitable for a variety of faces and tastes.
The distinctive stainless steel "Icon" collection has become an international design icon.
Icon glasses are available in two styles and three different frame finishes. The original natural stainless steel Bauhaus frame can also be customized with different color temples.
The cellulose acetate-framed "Leonardo" provides the more traditional look of plastic-framed glasses. These are currently available in a choice of light tortoise or dark tortoise.

26. How much do Superfocus glasses weigh?

We have spent over a dozen years perfecting the design to make robust, adjustable focus glasses that weigh about the same as conventional glasses with standard frames.
The stainless steel-framed Icon Collection glasses weigh about 1.2 oz for a medium prescription.
The cellulose acetate framed Leonardo Collection glasses weigh about 1.4. oz for a medium prescription.

27. What if I’m not satisfied with my Superfocus glasses?

Superfocus glasses come with a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee. Return them within 30 days and we’ll return your money. We even pay for the shipping.

28. Why didn’t anyone think of this before?

Over the years, a number of people have dreamed of the ideal solution: glasses that could focus sharply to any distance – just like a camera lens. But, until now, no one had figured out how to build such a lens into reliable, practical, thin and light eyeglasses. Superfocus required several technical breakthroughs and many years of testing and refinement.

If you have a question that we haven’t answered here, email us. Or feel free to call, fax or write your questions or comments. At Superfocus we’re dedicated to two things—your better vision and your satisfaction.

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