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Eye Care Practitioners

Superfocus - A Better Answer for Presbyopes

Superfocus glasses allow the wearer to instantly and easily adjust focus, anywhere from close-up to infinity, so that their vision is excellent at every distance. Unlike any other solution—reading glasses, bifocals, or progressives—there is no need to contend with lines, image jumps, distortions, head tilting or switching glasses. No zones. The full field of view is always clear.

Superfocus glasses are the ideal answer for presbyopes with functional needs such as computer users, engineers, mechanics, scientists, architects and pilots. (Note: When Superfocus glasses are occupationally-related, the cost may be tax deductible.)

Download our Guide for Eye Care Professionals [pdf] and our Technical Guide [pdf] for detailed information.

“Superfocus provides a much larger in focus lens area than other correction modalities, thereby allowing natural eye movement instead of aiming the eye utilizing cramping head and neck motion.”- DF