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Caring for your Superfocus glasses

Caring for your Superfocus glasses is easy.


For comfort and proper vision, prescription glasses need to be adjusted to fit your face.

Proper fit is an art, and usually involves some trial and error. It should be done by an experienced eye care professional. It may take more than one visit to get the fit right.

If you purchase your Superfocus glasses from your eye care professional, he/she will fit the glasses for you.

If you purchase them directly from Superfocus, we will include fitting instructions and a fitting certificate with your glasses. As soon as you get your glasses, take these to your eye care professional. Give him/her the fitting instructions and the certificate. Superfocus will reimburse him/her for their effort.


All glasses should be cleaned regularly.

Oils and fingerprints that build up over time can blur your vision. You can keep your vision sharp by polishing the exposed front and back surfaces of the lens with a microfiber cloth like the one that comes with your Superfocus glasses.

Dial your glasses to the close focus position and clean the front and back surfaces exactly as you would with a pair of conventional glasses.

Do not, however, do this with any pair of glasses if there is dust or grit on the lenses. Polishing grit into the lenses will scratch them.

If the glasses have dust or grit on them, they should be cleaned with water or mild soap and water.

Icon frames: Snap off the front lenses. Rinse both the focusing lens and the front lens. Clean and rinse. Let dry before snapping the front lenses back on.

Leonardo frames: Detach the focus module from the frame. Rinse both the focusing lenses and the front lenses. Clean and rinse. Let dry before snapping the focus module back into the frame.