TruFocals - keep your world in focus

A Better Solution

Superfocus gives you back the ability to see clearly, near and far, through your entire field of vision.

When aging eyes rob you of the ability to focus to any distance, Superfocus can restore the vision that the passing years have taken from you. 

That is because Superfocus glasses give you the ability to focus the entire lens to any distance. You set the focus you need, when you need it.

Read a book, work on the computer, watch television, replace a faucet under the sink or shop for groceries. Distance and height don't matter. Your vision is always crystal clear at whatever distance you need to focus on, whether you are looking up or down or out of the corner of your eyes.

With Superfocus, your entire lens focuses on what you choose, not just a portion of it. So, your whole field of view is sharp without the lines, blurriness and distortions you have with conventional multifocal glasses. 

No matter what you're using now, you'll like Superfocus better. No lines, no areas of fuzziness and distortion, no moving your head around to find just the right little sweet spot, no multiple pairs of glasses. Just one pair of glasses that bring whatever you want to look at into sharp focus.


Read a full explanation [pdf] of the eyeglass solutions available to people with aging eyes.


With Superfocus, all the annoying problems of shifting your attention from close to distant vanish. That's because to adjust focus, the lenses of Superfocus glasses change their shape -- just like your eyes used to do. Adjust them when you want to, instantly, just by moving a wheel or slider on the bridge. It's that simple. See how they work.

Try Superfocus, risk-free, for 30 days. We're so sure you'll like the new, clear world Superfocus will bring you that we are offering a 30 day risk-free trial. Try it at no cost. If you are not completely satisfied, just return the glasses within 30 days. No risk. No hassle. Just total satisfaction.