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About Us

Superfocus was born of a dream.

When Dr. Stephen Kurtin reached the age when his eyes could no longer focus on nearby objects, he found that none of the then-available “answers” satisfied him. Bifocals, reading glasses, swapping multiple glasses, and progressive lenses all had major flaws. A successful inventor with over 30 patents and a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Caltech to his credit, Dr. Kurtin set out to develop a better solution.

The result is Superfocus, the world’s first --and only—eyeglasses offering on-demand, user-adjustable, infinitely variable focus.

We have licensed the Superfocus technology. Utilizing this exclusive and innovative technology, we custom manufacture a pair of adjustable focus Superfocus glasses to precisely match your prescription. Production occurs in our state-of-the-art Los Angeles facility, using premium components sourced primarily from Europe, Japan and the USA.

“Overall I think they are a really wonderful product. I have worn them everyday for over a month now...there are many instances where it is appropriate to adjust the focus for 5 feet, 10 feet...or even 20 feet. My mindset had been on reading distance and far distance... I had not realized what a difference it would make at these intermediate ranges.”- DC